CASIO's new Digital Education Printing platform for the visually impaired.

CASIO has developed a new digital educational platform for the visually impaired that can be utilized by both teachers and students alike.

This new technology platform enables curriculums to take on a true "touch and feel" learning environment where students can physically experience the tactile value of shapes, sizes and graphic elements in dimensional context.

CASIO's 2.5D Printing Techonology provides "All in One" content solutions that can be printed in one (1) minute.

Casio's new 2.5D Digital education printing platform offers a broad range of curriculum solutions for the visually impaired.

Medical and Life Sciences

Casio's 2.5D Printing Technology can capture the complexities of the human anatomy in both dimension and scale.

Biological Sciences

Educators can develop curriculums that feature dimensional images of the essential building blocks of life and animal life cycles. CASIO's 2.5D Printing Technology provides "touch and feel" education solutions that enhance the learning process.


Local territory maps can be produced that can assist students with local navigation. National geographies can also be produced enabling students to better understand topography and scale.

Natural Sciences

Educators can build curriculums for the natural sciences that feature many different animals and insects complete with shape, size and texture.

Math, Science and Business Graphic Charts

Science, Math and Business charts can be produced with CASIO's 2.5D Printing Technology. The charts will offer dimension and shapes which enhance the students comprehension and improve the learning process.

*This project is in a developmental stage and is subject to change.