CASIO Debuts New Handheld Terminal with C-MOS Imager

 September 12, 2004
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Contact: George Baraona
Casio, Inc.


CASIO Debuts New Handheld Terminal with C-MOS Imager
Newly Designed Body With High Levels Of Shock Resistance
Offers New Versatility And Better Performance

DOVER, NJ, September 13, 2004 – Casio, Inc. in conjunction with its parent company, Casio Computer Company Ltd., Tokyo, Japan announced today the launch of the DT-X5, a new Industrial Handheld Terminal featuring a C-MOS Imager, an impact-resistant, dust and splash proof body. The DT-X5 will go on sale in October 2004, MSRP $1,299.

"The DT-X5 offers new versatility compared with laser scanners via its C-MOS imager, making it possible to not only read traditional one-dimensional barcodes, but stacked two-dimensional codes as well," said Larry Sampey, General Manager, System Products Division, Casio, Inc. "Furthermore, the C-MOS imager includes an image capturing function, making it possible to capture such things as signatures, allowing customers to see, for example, who signed for a package at the time of receipt."

The DT-X5 uses a magnesium inner case contained in a special resin outer-casing. This shock-resistant design allows it to be dropped from a height of up to 6.0 feet without damage, and helps it to operate in environments with temperatures ranging from -4°F up to 122°F / -20°C up to +50°C. The DT-X5 also complies with the IP54 rating for dust and splash protection, making it ideal for applications in places with freezing cold or extremely hot conditions.

Both Bluetooth™ and infrared come standard, allowing communication with a wide variety of other wireless devices. The DT-X5 can be used in many different applications including warehouse applications for logistics and inventory control, and goods-in check for the retail market.

C-MOS Imager
AA Alkaline batterydrive
Available from
October 2004


Built-in C-MOS Imager
The C-MOS imager is capable of reading one-dimensional barcodes, as well as stacked two-dimensional barcodes (PDF417, Micro PDF, Code49, RSS stacked, etc.). Furthermore, it is capable of capturing images such as signatures. The imager provides expanded functionality beyond traditional laser barcode scanners, giving added versatility.

Up to 60 hours of operation
Approximately 30 hours of operation using the standard rechargeable battery, and 60 hours using the large rechargeable battery. Dry-cell batteries may also be used for up to 30 hours of operation.

Rugged durability
With a strong magnesium inner case wrapped in a tough resin outer-casing, the device can withstand a fall from up to 1.8m. The DT-X5 will operate in a range of temperatures, from -4°F up to 122°F / -20°C up to +50°C, and complies with the IP54 rating for dust and splash protection, making it the ideal tool for a variety of tasks and environments.

Built-in Bluetooth module
The DT-X5 has Bluetooth integrated as standard, enabling wireless communications with a wide range of third-party peripherals, such as mobile phones and Bluetooth Access-Point.

Clear display with white backlight
With a large (128 x 160 dots) semi-transparent FSTN LCD, low-temperature tolerance, and white backlight which makes sharp contrast possible, the DT-X5 ensures a clear view of information displayed on the screen. These features make it possible to operate the terminal on any occasion irrespective of the time of day, temperature, lighting conditions or location.

Ease of Operation
The special construction and shape of the DT-X5 allow it to be held easily in one hand. Numeric keys are arranged in the same order as cellular phones, and characters can also be input using a scrolling method. In addition to the trigger keys at the left and right sides of the device, the main panel's central button may also be configured for use as a trigger key.

Windows CE .NET
Microsoft®Windows® CE.NET is used as the operating system, enabling an open environment for application software development.


Model   DT-X5 M30U
OS   Microsoft®Windows®CE.NET 4.1 English version
CPU   SH-3
Memory RAM
64MB(30 MB user area)
Display   Monochrome liquid crystal (128 x 160 dots), LED backlight attached
Input Trigger key
2 (left/right)
Keyboard Numeric (Alphabet) keys, CLR key, Execute key, Cursor keys, Power ON/OFF key, Fn key, F1~F8 keys, Program key
Scanner Type C-MOS Imager (angled downward at 20 degrees)
Resolution 1D: 0.15mm / Stacked 2D: 0.169mm
Readable Distance 1D: 40~410mm / Stacked 2D: 50~250mm
Readablebar Codes EAN, UPC A/E, Codabar (NW7), ITF, CODE39, CODE49, CODE93, CODE128/EAN128, MSI/Plessy, IATA, RSS, RSS stacked, PDF 417, Micro PDF
Interface Infrared IrDA1.1 compatible (Maximum: 4Mbps, up to 30cm)
Bluetooth Bluetooth™ Version 1.1
Power Operation AA alkaline battery x 2 pcs,Standard battery pack(Lithium-Ion),Large-capacity battery pack(Lithium-Ion)
Operating Period Approx. 30 hours(AA alkaline battery x 2 or standard battery)approx. 60 hours(large-capacity battery)* Based on 2 scans every 10 seconds
Memory Backup Lithium battery (rechargeable) on board
Memory Backup Period RAM: Approx. 3 days, Clock: Approx. 4 weeks(Assuming that the Lithium battery is fully charged.)
Environment Drop Durability 5.9 feet
Operating Temperature -4°F up to 122°F / -20°C up to +50°C
Storage Temperature -4°F up to 158°F / -20°C up to +70°C
Dust/Water-splash proof IP54
Dimensions (grip)   Approx. 7.05" (D) x 2.76" (W) x 1.69" (H)
Approx. 2.13" (W) x .83" (H)
Weight   Approx. 8.64 oz / 0.54 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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