CASIO Donates 500 PRIZM Calculators to South Carolina Middle School

 February 17, 2012


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Research Technology Project to Investigate Benefits of Calculators in the Classroom

DOVER, NJ (February 17, 2012) — Casio America, Inc. is pleased to announce its donation of 500 PRIZM calculators as part of a technology initiative with Lakeside Middle School of Inquiry and Innovation, a STEM School, in Anderson, South Carolina. The project will study the impact of calculators on students’ achievement and attitudes toward learning.

Casio, in conjunction with Clemson University, the Casio Center of Academic Training, has trained the math department at Lakeside Middle School on PRIZM’s graphic technology and functionality in an effort to maximize their use of the calculators in the middle school classroom. Casio’s Education Division and Dr. Bob Horton, co-director of Clemson’s Center for Excellence for Inquiry in Mathematics and Science, have been working with Lakeside’s teachers and students to help advance the use of inquiry in math through the use of PRIZM calculators.

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According to Brooke Lance, 7th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra teacher at Lakeside Middle School, “Casio’s PRIZM calculator is an invaluable tool to teach mathematics through inquiry. Our main focus is to use PRIZM as an inquiry tool – one that sparks students’ interests and holds their attention while helping them understand the deep principles of mathematics. Not only does the use of the PRIZM graphing calculator peak the students’ interest, its innumerable functions provide a wealth of instructional strategies for Lakeside’s teachers to allow students to engage and explore.”   

In addition to her work with Clemson and Casio, Brooke has been named one of three state finalists to be considered for the prestigious 2011 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. The annual award is the highest recognition that a kindergarten through 12th grade math or science teacher may receive for outstanding teaching in the United States. Enacted by Congress in 1983, the program is administered by the National Science Foundation on behalf of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.  The program’s goal is to expand and exemplify the definition of excellent science and mathematics teaching. Awardees serve as models for their colleagues, inspirations to their communities and leaders in the improvement of mathematics and science education.

“Initiatives such as the partnership with Lakeside Middle School enable Casio to help play a role in advancing mathematics curriculum in the U.S.  This is critical particularly now, at a time when our country’s math and science score rankings have fallen significantly behind the rest of the developed world,” said Amber Branch, National Director of Casio’s Education Division.

“Casio is pleased to be a part of this program as we are confident that our PRIZM calculator technology will certainly help capture students’ attention and gain a better understanding of math.  Working the program through Lakeside made perfect sense for Casio.  It is our intent to collaborate with teachers who are recognized as leaders in their respective fields as their commitment mirrors Casio’s in the advancement of the understanding of mathematic and scientific principles,” added Branch.

The Lakeside Middle School students received their PRIZM calculators on February 1st during a kick-off event. The students were first introduced to PRIZM in September through a series of inquiry lessons designed to teach students how to use the calculator. Since that time, the teachers have continued to learn the functions of PRIZM as they interlace it into their current curriculum.  “During the students three year journey through Lakeside, they will learn more about the PRIZM calculator and its functions. Our students will have an advantage when it comes to high school mathematics, thanks to the early exposure to Casio graphing calculators,” added Lance.

Casio plans to issue initial project findings beginning in June and continue throughout the following school year, showcasing the results of the youngest students through their completion of Algebra I courses. Watch the video here.

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