Casio America, Inc.'s Chairman Receives Certification as Kids' ISO 14000 Instructor

 October 25, 2009

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Casio America, Inc.’s Chairman Receives Certification as
Kids’ ISO 14000 Instructor

Terry Terada becomes first company chairman to complete instruction program

Dover, NJ, October 26, 2007 – Terry Terada, the chairman of Casio America, Inc., became the first company chairman to receive certification as an Eco-Kids instructor for the Kids’ ISO 14000 program. The Kids’ ISO 14000 New York City project kicked off on September 24, 2007. The project, executed by The International Art and Technology Cooperation Organization (ArTech) and the Center for Educational Innovation – Public Education Association (CEI-PEA), is designed to teach children how they can have an impact on the global environment.

CEO Terada The New York City project will expand on the Kids’ ISO 14000 program and serve as the pilot program for the United States. The program develops environmental awareness among children and teaches the importance of working with the global community to take action of environmental issues. Casio is the first U.S. sponsor of the program.

Through Kids’ ISO 14000, children become empowered in a very real way. They learn that by using skills they already possess, such as math, science and technology, they can address the global environmental problem, starting right in their own home. To date, a total of more than 40,000 tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced by children in the program.

"I wanted to fully understand this program and the impact it has on children and what better way to do so than to complete the training and become a certified instructor," said Terry Terada. "Casio is constantly working to develop products that are lighter, slimmer and use less power.

We believe that it’s important to save our resources and energy. Through the Kids’ ISO program we believe that we can further contribute to the environment by teaching young people the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. I hope to use this training to help teach the employees of Casio America the same thing we are asking the children of New York City to learn."

For the New York City project, ArTech is partnering with the CEI-PEA, a New York-based education and non-profit organization, as well as Casio America, Inc. The New York City project will adapt the Kids’ ISO 14000 program to meet New York State standards in math, science and technology. The program will connect students with a global network of environmentally aware peers.

"It is a great honor for ArTech to have Mr. Terada as the first CEO to be certified as an Eco-Kids Instructor for Kids ISO 14000 Program, he truly understands the importance of the program and personally decided to take the initiative to become certified," said Dr. Kawabe of ArTech. "We hope his action and dedication will encourage others to take action and stand behind our environment."

The Kids’ ISO program launched in Japan in 2000 and is becoming a global initiative. The introduction of the New York City Project brings the program to the forefront of American educators and parents. Children who participate in the program become environmentally mature, increase math, science and technology skills and learn to network with other children across the globe to tackle the world’s environmental problems.

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