Casio Announces IT-3000 Printer Integrated Data Terminal

 March 16, 2004
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High-speed Printer Integrated Industrial Data Terminal
(Magnetic card reader / C-MOS Imager model also available)

DOVER, NJ, March 16, 2004, - Casio, Inc., in conjunction with its parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, today announced the release of a new Industrial Data Terminal with high-speed thermal printer. This device, the IT-3000, will run on the Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET operating system, and will go on sale in Q2 of 2004.

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The IT-3000 features a built-in high-speed printer, capable of up to 28 lines / second. Its sturdy construction allows it to withstand being dropped from a height of 1.2 meters with the paper roll holder attached. Bluetooth™ and infrared both come as standard, allowing the IT-3000 to communicate with a wide variety of wireless devices. The IT-3000 also comes with a serial connector, allowing it to be connected easily with external peripheral equipment.

In addition, there is a model in the IT-3000 line-up with MCR (Magnetic Card Reader) functionality (M54E) and another that is equipped with both MCR and a C-MOS Imager (M55U) as standard. These greatly reduce the need to carry separate portable printers, MCR and scanner devices, making it possible to easily inspect and issue train tickets, sell duty-free goods inside an aircraft, issue parking tickets, and print out the readings from gas and electricity meters on a single device.

All models in the line-up come with a 2-way TFT color LCD screen offering amazing clarity both indoors and out, with a screen that doubles as a touch panel for direct data entry. For better visibility in dark places, the large keypad also has a backlight. The IT-3000 will use a 400MHz Intel® PXA255 application processor, together with Windows CE .NET operating system offering advanced features, processing power, usability, and an open environment for developers to create new applications. The IT-3000 complies with the IP54 sealing rating for dust and splash resistance, and can be used in conditions from -20°C up to +50°C, making this Industrial Data Terminal ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in extremely cold or hot environments.

Product Model Magnetic Card Reader C-MOS Imager Available from
IT-3000 M53E None None Q2, 2004
M54E Yes None
M55U Yes Yes Q3, 2004

*IP5x: Even though the intrusion of dust cannot be totally prevented, dust that might otherwise prevent smooth operation of the equipment does not get in.
*IPx4: No detrimental effect is observed even despite exposure to water splashed from any direction.

Major Features of the IT-3000

  • Standard High Speed Thermal Printer
    The Industrial Data Terminal comes complete with a thermal printer that can print up to 28 lines / second. This reduces the need to carry a separate portable printer, contributing to improvements in work efficiency.
  • Magnetic Card Reader(M54E/M55U)
    The card reader complies with ISO Track1, 2 (ISO/IEC 7811-2 2001) standards.
  • C-MOS Imager that also captures images (M55U)
    High performance C-MOS imager allows the IT-3000 to read 2-dimensional code and 1-dimensional bar codes in addition to images such as signatures.
  • Rugged Durability
    The IT-3000 offers rugged reliability. The device, including the printer and paper roll holder (with splash-proof cover) complies with the IP54 sealing rating for dust and splash protection, and can withstand being dropped from a height of 1.2m. Its operating temperatures range from -20°C up to +50°C.
  • 2-way TFT color LCD for use even outdoors
    2-way TFT color LCD (240 x 320 dots) screen, with improved visibility for outdoor use. Compared with conventional transparent LCDs, the IT-3000's screen uses CASIO's proprietary optical film to effectively reflect outside light that is normally dispersed. The screen offers brilliant clarity in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Ease of Operation and Usability
    The large keypad is backlit, and will not fade (numerals printed on the inside). Data can also be entered using the on-screen keyboard, or via handwriting recognition.
  • High Speed CPU and Windows CE .NET OS
    High speed processing and superior usability are made possible with the use of a 400MHz Intel® PXA255 application processor, and Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET OS. This open environment makes it easy for software developers to create end-user applications.
  • Multiple Interfaces
    SD memory card slot, PC Card slot (TYPEI/II) and Bluetooth™ come standard. Data stored within the device can be backed-up to SD memory card if needed, wireless communication is possible, and the device can communicate with other Bluetooth™ enabled wireless devices. The IT-3000 also comes complete with an 8-pin serial connector (not available on the M55U model) on the side and a 14-pin on the back, enabling it to connect easily with external peripheral devices.

Major Specifications of IT-3000

Model IT-3000M53E IT-3000M54E IT-3000M55U
Software OS Microsoft® Windows® CE.NET 4.1 English version
Applications Mail, browser, handwriting recognition, ActiveSync
CPU Intel® PXA255 Applications Processor 400 MHz
Memory RAM 64MB
FROM 96MB (30 MB user area)
Display 3.5-inch 2-way TFT color LCD (240 x 320 dot),LED backlight attached
Input Keyboard Numeric (Alphabet) keys, Cursor keys,
Power ON/OFF key, Fn key, Program key
LED backlight attached
Plastic panel (resolution 240 x 320 dots) with character input pad
Printer Printing
Drop-In type thermal line dot printer
Maximum;28 lines/second (Alphabet and Numeric)
Paper width 80mm or 58mm
Paper type 1P roll, 1P/2P pre-cut paper, labels
Card Reader
None ISO Track1,2 (ISO/IEC 7811-2 2001)
None None Yes
Interface Infrared IrDA1.1 compatible (Maximum: 4Mbps)
Bluetooth Bluetooth™ Version 1.1
Serial RS-232C 8pin: 1ch (Maximum; 115.2Kbps)
14pin: 1ch
14pin: 1ch
SD card SD memory card x 1 slot
PC card PCMCIA (TYPEI/ II) x 1 slot
Power Operation Lithium-Ion battery pack
Approx. 12.6 hours *1
Lithium battery (rechargeable) on board
Environment Drop
-20°C up to +50°C
-20°C up to +70°C
splash proof
Dimensions Approx. 199.5 (D) x 80 (W) x 28 (H) mm
(Not including MCR and C-MOS Imager)
Weight Approx. 530g Approx. 580g Approx. 610g


  1. When the keys are pressed 20 times (30 seconds) and continuous printing of 20 lines (font height 2mm Alphabet and Numeric / 30% of total digits) is carried out at four-minute intervals.
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  3. Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A., and has been used in accordance with a license acquired by CASIO.
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  5. The specifications in the table above are current as of March 2004, and may change without any advance notice.

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