Casio Announces Two Ultra-Bright Compact Data Projectors with 2x Optical Zoom

 February 17, 2005

Bob Garbutt
Casio, Inc.

Cheryl Balbach
Casio, Inc.



New projectors offer superior projection quality
in a variety of conditions

DOVER, NJ, February 17, 2005 – Casio, Inc. in conjunction with its parent company,Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today announced the addition of two new ultra-bright compact data projectors to their CASSIOPEIA® PRO series. The new mobile projectors, the XJ-360 and XJ-560, are capable of producing superior projection quality in a variety of conditions and are ideal for situations ranging from regular business meetings to high-powered presentations. The XJ-360 will be available at authorized dealers in late March and have a UMAP of $1,899.00. The XJ-560 will be available in late March, UMAP $2,899.00.


  • 2X optical zoom / the maximum for a ultra portable data projector
    CASIO's proprietary zoom lens has been designed with 2X magnification to obtain the maximum benefit from the aspherical lens and low-dispersion glass. This enables clear projection from distances of as little as 0.8 meters from the screen, while projection of a 60-inch screen image can be achieved at any point between 1.6 and 3.2 meters. From small meeting rooms to large classrooms, the projectors lens offers tremendous flexibility in a lightweight, easy-to-use package.
  • Ultra-brightness from an incredibly compact unit
    The reverse meniscus condenser lens and aspherical-shaped reflector enable these compact projectors to deliver an astonishing level of brightness, enabling clear projection even with the room lighting on. The top-of-the-line XJ-560 delivers 3,000 lumens for a remarkable level of brilliance and clarity.
  • Automatic vertical/horizontal Keystone correction and auto focus (XJ-560)
    The phase differential sensor system automatically detects and corrects vertical and horizontal image distortion. In addition, auto-focus allows instant focusing at the touch of a button. Using the 2X optical zoom, you can freely adjust the projector's focus length, greatly expanding your range of positioning.
  • Ease of use
    Both models are easy to use and offer the flexibility of projecting great pictures
    from anywhere in the room.
  • Direct Power OFF by removing the power cable after use (XJ-560)
    Condensers are activated in the projector to power the fan offering protection to the lamp from heat damage.

Technical Specifications

Model Name XJ-560 XJ-360
Brightness 3000 ANSI lumens 2200 ANSI lumens
Lamp 270 W high-pressure mercury lamp 200 W high-pressure mercury lamp
Digital Auto Keystone Correction Vertical and Horizontal ± 30° Vertical ± 20°
Focusing Auto Focus Manual Focus
Projection Lens Optical 2X zoom f= 20.0 to 40.0mm,F2.0 to 2.8
Projection Screen Size 15 inches to 300 inches
Projection Range Minimum: 0.8 meters60" screen: 1.6 to 3.2 meters100" screen: 2.7 to 5.3 meters
Projection System DLPTM System
Display Element 0.7" DMD 786,432 pixels (1,024 x 768)
Color Reproduction Full color (16.77 million colors)
RGB Signal Input Component
Input Terminals RGB Mini D-Sub 15 pin x 1
True Maximum - XGA (1,024×768)
Compressed UXGA (1,600×1,200) SXGA(1,280×1,024)
Output Terminals None RGB Mini D-Sub 15 pin x 1
Video Signal Input NTSC/PAL/PAL-N/PAL-M/PAL60/SECAM/YcbCr/YPbPr
Input Terminals S-Video Port (Separate) x 1; RCA pin terminal (Composite) x 1
Audio Input Terminals Stereo mini jack x 1
Output 1W monaural
USB Input Remote mouse control None
Power Direct Power Off Function AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 10.94"(W) × 2.52" (H) × 8.43" ( D) 9.06" (W) × 2.17" (H) × 6.73" (D)
Weight 5.96 lbs. 3.97 lbs.
Remote Control Wireless remote control with laser pointer Wireless remote control

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