Casio Announces World's First Keyboard with TV Connectivity

 July 23, 2004
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Advanced LK-90TV Lighted Keyboard Hooks Up To TV for Karaoke Enjoyment

New LK-45 Lighting and Learning Keyboard Features 3-Step Lesson System
and Sing Along Function


DOVER, NJ, JULY 23, 2004—Casio, Inc., Dover, NJ, a leader and innovator in the digital keyboard category, introduces its most advanced “Lighted Key” learning keyboards to date, including the first keyboard that offers TV connectivity. The new LK-45 and the LK-90TV are designed to make it possible for anyone to play a keyboard, right out of the box, and feature Casio’s unique three-step learning system that lets you learn as you play. The LK-90TV hooks up directly to your TV for on-screen lessons as well karaoke.

The LK-45 and LK-90TV will both be available in September 2004.

Casio was the first company to introduce a lighted keyboard and the LK-90TV (MSRP $249.95) offers something new: TV connectivity. The TV connection for the keyboard can be used for lesson displays and for the ability to use the keyboard for Karaoke sing along. The LK-90TV easily hooks up to your TV console to provide dynamic visual contact while playing. A video cable is included for this purpose. Once connected to the TV, when using Casio’s three-step learning system, the LK-90TV’s icons are clear on the TV screen. The feedback received through the interactive scoring after you play the piece is done with animation, with a vibrant display of fireworks and other exciting and motivating images on the television. Using the LK-90TV for Karaoke sing-along is just as easy, as the lyrics to the song you select are displayed on the screen, with each word to be sung lighting up. The LK-90TV also provides 24-note polyphonic and 264 tones for creative expression.

Additional songs for the LK-90TV are available via the Song Expansion feature, and with a Smart Media slot, new songs can be stored on Smart Media Cards.

Casio’s LK-45 (MSRP $219.95) can be played by anyone, even those picking up the keyboard for the first time. The 61-key, full-size keyboard with 100 built-in tunes offers the exclusive three-step learning system to help guide you on your way to learning to play. With two different auto-accompaniment modes: Casio Chord, which enables play of fully formed chords with one finger; and Fingered Chord, which enables full chord play in the accompaniment range of the keyboard, the LK-45 also comes with 100 PCM tones and 100 rhythm patterns from which to choose. Other key features include: voice fingering guide, MIDI, a MIDI in/out jack, an assignable pedal jack (Sustain, Soft, Sostenuto, Rhythm Start/Stop), and transpose and tuning controls.

Casio’s proprietary three-step learning system makes it easy to learn to play the keyboard, beginning with the basics. First, select a song you want to learn out of the 100 tunes in the song banks of the LK-45 and LK-90TV, and the keys light up as you play, indicating the sequence of keys that must be followed. Second, the large LCD Musical Information system display on the keyboard also illustrates which finger should be used to strike each key with fingering icons, while the audio also announces the corresponding finger for the key, teaching the player the correct fingering. Third, you can choose the tempo at which to play the song once you are ready to try to play the entire piece. The Casio keyboard will play the accompaniment allowing you to work on the melody. Once you have run through the piece, you will receive feedback via a scoring system that rates you on how often you hit the right keys, and on your fingering throughout the piece, helping to improve your playing each time.


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