Casio Introduces The New Classpad 330 Featuring An Impressive Collection Of Applications

 September 20, 2007

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Powerful new mathematics tool boasts functions and easy operation

DOVER, NJ, SEPTEMBER 20, 2007 – Casio America, Inc. today announced the latest addition to their educational mathematics technology tools, the ClassPad 330. This new model is an enhanced version of the ClassPad 300 which enables easy and intuitive stylus-based operation on a large 160 x 240 pixel LCD touch screen.

"We are pleased to be adding another mathematics technology tool to our Education line-up," said John Casey, General Manager of Casio's Education Division. "This extends Casio's commitment to making math easy by continuing to produce products that are easy to use and a beneficial aid in the teaching and learning process."

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The ClassPad 330 comes with all the same functions as its predecessor, the ClassPad 300. This includes an impressive collection of applications that support self-study,such as 3D Graphing, Geometry and eActivity, used for creating discovery based lesson, and lots more!

The new features of the ClassPad 330 include upgraded CAS (Computer Algebra System) Technology, enhancements to the Geometry Application and a Stat Wizard for analyzing tests, intervals and distributions, useful in AP Statistics. Also, three new applications were added: Differential Equation Graph, Financial and Probability.

The ClassPad 330 lets you input and display expressions as they appear in a textbook. Factorization of expressions, calculation of limit values of functions, and other operations can be performed quickly and easily while viewing the answers on the large LCD screen. The ClassPad 330 is equipped with versatile graphing tools for 3D graphing and drawing of geometric figures, providing plenty of support for the students' math studies.

The interface on the ClassPad 330 uses an intuitive pull-down menu format that simplifies even complex operations. Solutions, expressions, and other items can be selected with the tap of the stylus. The ClassPad 330 supports drag and drop within and between applications allowing for multiple ways to view and explore mathematics. It also supports copy and paste, as well as other pen-based operations that help minimize key operations.

The eActivity application is a powerful component of the ClassPad 330 that provides a simple way to create dynamic discovery based lessons for use in the classroom or on the web. It is a perfect tool for online learning.

The ClassPad 330 encourages students to learn at their own pace and according to their own methods. It is a cross-curricular, cross-grade-level educational tool that promotes exploration, manipulation, and sharing of solutions. The ClassPad 330 allows for reflection on and understanding of the problems, and helps students to discover their own abilities.


■Big Display
Large 160 x 240 dot LCD screen
■Pen touch operation
Computer-like intuitive operations for menu selection, button operations, etc.
Drag & drop supports dragging of an input expression to a graph screen for instant graphing.
■CAS (Computer Algebra System)
Natural display input enables input of fractions, differentials, integrals, ∑ calculations, lim calculations, and other expressions in the same format as that used in mathematics texts.
Function conversion function
Algebra Assistant
■eActivity Application
Buttons for expression processing, text statements, and eActivity function recall
Each teacher can create activities on his or her own calculator.
Button for recalling user-created programs
Application and Classroom
Allows tailoring of classroom materials to local needs
Contents installable using data communication
■Presentation Application
Register application screen shots for playback in slideshow format.
Great for presenting eActivity results and other lessons.
Includes Auto Play, Manual Play, and page editing functions
■Geometric Graphing
Constraint Geometry (geometric functions for education)
Geometric figure graphing (triangle, polygon, circle, etc.)
Geometric figure analysis (angle, length)
Functions including polar and parametric
■3-Dimensional Graphing
Trace, Zoom, Rotate


Display: 160 x 240 LCD
Built-in Memory: Flash ROM (500KB user area, 4MB add-in area)
Dimensions: 3.31" (W) x 7.85" (D) x 1.08: (H) (approx..)
Approximate Weight: 9.88 oz
Power Requirements: Four AAA-size alkaline batteries (LR03)
Bundled Accessories: USB cable for data transfer to PC
  3-pin cable for unit-to-unit data transfer

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