G-Shock Atomic Solar Watches Spring You Into Action Just As Daylight Savings Arrive

 March 28, 2005

Contact: Cheryl Balbach
Casio Inc.

Lillian Ayala
HWH Public Relations


Casio's Atomic Solar Technology Featured in G-Shock Ensures Accurate
Time and Date All The Time And Eliminates The Worry of Battery Replacement

Dover, NJ – March 28, 2005 – Get ready, get setů. spring is here! After the long, cold winter, you probably can't wait to spring into action and get right to your favorite activity. With atomic timekeeping from Casio, you'll be ready to enjoy the longer days of spring and summer when Daylight Savings Time arrives on April 3rd. Casio's advanced Atomic Solar G-Shock watches ensure that you never have to worry about the official changing of spring time because it automatically synchronizes to provide official, accurate time and date. These efficiently "smart" and durable Atomic Solar watches are powered by a solar panel that converts light into energy, making Casio's G-Shock timepieces environmentally friendly by greatly reducing the need to change it's rechargeable battery.

For those who are active, on the go, environmentally-conscience, or just want to be "on time",
a Casio G-Shock timepiece is the ultimate "must have" accessory. Atomic and Tough Solar G-Shocks are not only durable enough that they can be worn underwater for either swimming, snorkeling or diving (depending on how many meters it resists), but they are also suitable for wearing while mountain biking, hiking, or hanging out at the beach.

Available in a variety of oversized, fashionable, sporty and casual styles and prices, Casio's technologically advanced Atomic Solar timepieces with innovative features and functions will keep itself perfectly synchronized with official government time by interpreting the signal sent by an atomic tower in Colorado through a built in antenna.*

G-Shock offers timepieces with shock resistant casing, Solar Power, 200 meter water resistance that will allow for scuba diving, World Time (that can keep time for up to 30 cities), 12/24-Hour Format (also known as military time), Auto light, Dual Time (simultaneous time keeping in two different cities), multiple alarms, and 1/100 of a second stopwatch. All G-Shock timepieces including Atomic Solar are available at select Macy's and Bloomingdale's. For more information, please visit www.gshock.com or call 1-800- 836-8580.

Spring/Summer 2005 G-Shock models include:

Atomic Solar Digital Series:
- These watches are the answer to Daylight Savings Time and saying goodbye to the tedious task of changing or synchronizing time within the U.S.
- 10 sporty and casual combination styles ranging from $130-250 with five round digital styles; three of which feature resin straps and two in stainless steel. Five analog styles (with digital window) also feature chunky, metal square faces in a variety of blues and dark greys with combination accent colors such as red and rustic orange.
Tough Solar Series:
- Seven extremely functional, sporty styles ranging from $99-$130 feature resin, metal and leather, cuff-like bracelets in round, digital faces. Three of which feature cosmetic digital dials, which serve as a battery life indicator as well as a countdown of minutes and seconds as they elapse.
The Ana-Digi Series:
- 10 casual and fun styles ranging from $130- $150 with a variety of colorful faces including shades of bright and navy blue and black combinations, as well as yellow, red and silver. All contain analog movement with cosmetic digital windows, which are used to display date, time, alarm and stopwatch features.
The Street Rider Series:
- 11 fashionable square and round face styles with contrasting stainless steel bezels ranging from $89 - $99 in both resin bracelet combinations and chunky, padded leather combinations in bodacious red, blue, charcoal and black combinations.

Casio, Inc., Dover, N.J., is the U.S. subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Casio, Inc., markets digital cameras, calculators and other educational products, business organizers, mobile presentation devices, keyboards, portable color TV's, timepieces (Wrist Technology), as well as cash registers and other consumer electronic products. Casio, the unexpected extra – for more information visit www.casio.com.

* Casio Atomic Solar powered watches receive a time calibration signal transmitted from Fort Collins, Colorado. Signal reception is possible within a radius of about 2,000 miles from the Fort Collins transmitter. See manual for an explanation of ideal conditions for setting time as well as factors or locations that can create interference and make reception difficult.