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Two - Year Extended Casio Digital Camera Warranty
(Valid for High Speed EX-F * and EX-H series only **)

Terms: If purchased within 10 days of the date of the original retail purchase of valid “High Speed Technology * ” Exilim EX-F series digital cameras and EX-H series “High Zoom” Exilim digital cameras with 10X optical or greater ** zoom ranges. This Extended Warranty becomes effective upon the expiration of the original Casio Limited One-Year Warranty that was included with your product and extends the coverage described in the original Casio Limited One-Year Warranty for an additional two-year period . Its coverage is limited to product imported by Casio U.S.A., Inc and sold into distribution within the 48 continental United States, including Hawaii, Alaska. E xcept as set forth in this Extended Warranty, all terms, conditions, exclusions and disclaimers contained in the original Casio Limited One-Year warranty included with your product continue to apply to the warranty coverage by this Extended Warranty.
Exclusions: Excluded from this Extended Warranty are those items set forth in the Casio Limited One-Year Warranty. In addition, International Warranty Service is NOT available with this Extended Warranty. Repairs must be sent to the repair center listed indicated in this document. Digital photographic products sold in the United States bearing the Casio name are manufactured and designed for normal consumer use and service and not for use in connection with professional or commercial photography. This warranty extension does not apply if products are used for professional or commercial purposes. This warranty is void and may not be used by the customer if the serial number on the product has been altered or removed.
This Extended Warranty is non-refundable and is exclusively for the benefit of the original purchaser of the product and cannot be transferred or reassigned.
What to do when service is needed
Contact Casio at 1-800-706-2534 to work with a customer service representative or register your repair request online by logging in to the Casio Elite Service System https://www.ecasiorepair.com . We will determine the best repair service option for you situation. Complete repair instructions will be provided by Casio representative. For additional product repair or service information, please visit our website at http://www.casio.com
The following items will be needed if you submit your product for Extended Service.
  • A copy of this Extended Warranty
  • A copy of the valid sales receipt/proof of purchase for the Product
  • A copy of the valid sales receipt/proof of purchase for the Extended Warranty
Package your product carefully using a corrugated box and ample packing material (crumpled newspaper is not recommended) and send it with all the documents listed above. Do not send your product in a letter or padded envelope. We recommend that you insure your package. We also highly recommend that you choose a carrier that offers package tracking or delivery confirmation. Please pack your product as safely and securely as possible. Casio cannot be responsible for any damage to the product that may occur during the shipping process. Casio does not accept P.O. Box as a Ship-To address.
Note: Please do not include items that are not related to the problem, such as memory cards, batteries, carrying case, etc. Any images or other data saved on a product must be transferred to another image or data storage medium prior to shipment to Casio.