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All basic calculators are not equipped equally. Casio’s SL-450S reaches beyond the basics with many unique functions and features designed to help beginning math students and their teachers.

  • 8 digits LCD Display
  • Solar Power
  • Floating negative sign appears to the left  of then number displayed
  • Function signs in display
  • Hard, plastic tamperproof keys
  • Basic function: plus, percent, plus/minus, square root, memory keys
  • Constants for +/-/x/÷
  • Ability to clear last and/or all entries


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Technical Specs

1-Line/# of Digits 8
Store/Recall Yes / Yes
# of Constant Memories 1
Solar Yes
Automatic Power Down Yes
General Features  
Clear Last Entry & Clear All Yes
Math Functions  
Operating System Standard
Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Yes
Constant Feature Yes
Change Sign (+/-) Yes
X^2/Square Root /Yes
Percent Calculations Yes
Hardware - Other  
Protective Hard Case Yes
Color Coded Keys Grouped by Function Yes
Overhead Projectable Model Yes
Instruction Manual Yes
Available in Teacher Packs (10 units) Yes
Available in Classroom Sets (30 units) Yes
Resource Materials Yes

Technical Specifications Subject to Change