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Technical Specs

Digits   10+2
Decimal Point   dot
Power display   yes
  Digits 99
I/O Line I -
  Line O yes
  Math I yes
  Math O yes
Backspace key   yes
SHIFT Key   yes
AC key   yes
C key (Clear Key)   yes (DEL)
Calculation capacity (digit)   15
Hard case   yes
Reset (Memory clear)   yes
Display contrast   yes
Battery type   2way
Dot matrix   Natural V.P.A.M
Replay   yes
Multi replay   yes
SCI display   -
  Digits -
fix display   yes
  Digits 0-9
ENG display   -
ENG conversion   -
Memory   yes
  M+ yes
  M- yes
  MR yes (RCL M)
  MC / Store M yes (STO M)
  X-M -
  Variables(X,Y...) M
  Answer memory yes
Basic calculations   yes
+,-,*,/ yes
Division with Remainder yes
+/- -
(-) yes
( ) yes
Factorial -
pi yes
X-Y -
HMS unit   yes
  HMS yes
  HMS conversion yes
Fraction calculations   yes
  b/c yes
  a*b/c yes
  a*b/c <-> b/c yes
  Simplify yes
  F<->D yes
Percent   yes
  Percent calculation yes
  Percent conversion yes
Logarithmic functions   yes
  log -
  logab -
  ln -
  10^x yes
  e^x -
Powers and roots   yes
  x^2 yes
  x^3 -
  x^y yes
  1/x yes
  x^(1/2) yes
  x^(1/3) -
  x^(1/y) -
Random   yes
  Random number between 0 and 1 yes
  Random Integer yes

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