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The serial, drop-in load printer designed with Epson emulation allows it to be used with any of the Casio and other manufacturers ECR /POS products. Backed with a 2 year warranty (US and Canada only), Casio's reputation for reliable and durable products is carried over to the UP-360.

Technical Specs


Electrical Specifications
Power consumption
  120V 220V 23V 240V
In operation Max. 0.9A 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A
stand-by Max. 0.20A 0.11A 0.11A 0.10A
Memory protection
Back-up battery VL3032/1F2 (Vanadium lithium battery)
Back-up period 90 days (25 °C)
Battery life Replace the battery every 5 years.
Recharge time 48 hours (full charge)
Main components
Flash Rom
Capacity 2Mbytes
Thermal printer
Printer method Impression heat line dot
Head specification Total dot number: 432 dots/dot line
  Dot pitch Length 8 dots/mm
    Wide 8 dots/mm
Paper cut Auto-paper cut
Paper supply method Drop-in paper loading
Roll paper
Type Heat-sensitive paper
Size 57.5 x 0.5mm
Roll diam 83 or less
Thickness 75+3mm

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