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$ 899.99

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The PX-150WE represents a significant step in the continuing evolution of the Privia digital piano line. A combination of a new keyboard action and a powerful new sound engine provide a new level of detail, nuance and expression for a superior grand piano experience in the lightweight and stylish design that Privia is known for.

  • Tri-Sensor, Scaled Hammer-Action Keyboard
  • 4 Layer Stereo Piano
  • Ebony and Ivory Feel Keys
  • Hammer Response and Damper Resonance Simulator
  • White Finish



Get your PX-150WE, PX-160GD and PX-350WE to sit at a comfortable height for precision playing! Keyboardists know that one of the keys to quality practice and playing is comfort. Designed to fit PX-150WE, PX-160GD and PX-350WE keyboards, Casio's CS-67W keyboard stand is just the tool to get your keyboard to the right height for playing. Don't just use any old desk or surface, the CS67's wood grain is a perfect complement to the look of these keyboards. Novice players have an easier time learning scales and modes when the keyboard is set to an effective playing height.

  • Wooden construction
  • Sets keyboard at a perfect playing height

$ 149.99