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The Casio Pro Model Projectors have increased I/O connectivity, are DLP 3D Ready and have auto brightness adjustment to save power and reduce eye fatigue.

They are interactive Whiteboard ready (USB models only.) By using the optional Interactive Pen with any white surface, whether whiteboard, screen or wall. Use the Interactive Pen as a PC mouse to scroll and click through software applications or as a pen to draw, write and annotate images. They also include RJ-45 wired LAN, wireless presentations and MobiShow, WLAN presentations from smart phones and mobile devices and presentations from your thumb drive.

Mercury Lamp Free 3 Year Product Warranty Auto brightness Adjust USB Wireless Included PC Free Presentations RJ-45 Wired LAN Mobile device presentations from smart phone
Obatined the Buckaroo Award from the Pacfic Media Association for best in show.