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Technical Specs

1-Line/# of Digits 8
2-Line/# of Digits Not Available
Natural Textbook Display Not Available
Store/Recall Yes / Yes
Recall & Edit Values Not Available
# of Constant Memories 1
Dual (Solar and Battery) Yes
Solar Not Available
Battery Not Available
Automatic Power Down Yes
General Features  
Function/Mode Menus Not Available
Scrolling Keys Not Available
Review & Edit Previous Entries Not Available
Clear Last Entry & Clear All Yes
Backspace Yes
Fixed Decimal Capabilities Yes
Math Functions  
Operating System Standard
Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Yes
Correct Order of Operations (M, D, A, S) Yes
Integer Division with Remainder Yes
Constant Feature Yes
Parenthesis Yes
Change Sign (+/-) Yes
X^2/Square Root Yes/Yes
X^3/Cube Root Not Available
Exponents (^key)/Powers of 10 Yes/Yes
xth Root Not Available
Pi Yes
Percent Calculations Yes
Display True Fraction Form Yes
Fraction<>Decimal, Decimal<>Fraction Yes
Improper Fraction<>Mixed Number Yes
Simplification Yes
Sin, Cos, Tan, & Inverse Not Available
Hyperbolic Functions Not Available
Converts between DEG, RAD, GRAD Not Available
One-Variable Statistics/Two-Variable Statistics Not Available
Mean, Sum, # Elements Not Available
Standard Deviation Not Available
Linear Regression Not Available
Log, In, Inverse Log, Exponential Not Available
Store and Edit Data in Memory Not Available
Quadratic, Log, Exp, Power, Inverse Regression Not Available
nPr, cPr, x! Not Available
Random Number Generator Yes
Complex Number Calculations Not Available
Numeric Integration Not Available
Numeric Differential Calculations Not Available
Additional Math Functions  
DMS<>DD Conversions Not Available
Number Bases - Dec, Hex, Oct, Binary Not Available
Polar<>Rectangular Conversions Not Available
Scientific Notation Not Available
Simultaneous Equations & Polynomial Equations Not Available
Engineering Symbol Calculations Not Available
Boolean Logic Operations Not Available
Solve Function Not Available
Hardware - Other  
Protective Hard Case Yes
Color Coded Keys Grouped by Function Yes
Overhead Projectable Model Yes
Instruction Manual Yes
Quick Reference Guide Yes
Available in Teacher Packs (10 units) Yes
Available in Classroom Sets (30 units) Yes
Resource Materials Yes

Technical Specifications Subject to Change

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