At A Glance

The ClassPad 300 comes packed with an impressive collection of applications that support self-study, like 3D Graphing, Geometry, eActivity and lots more.  A big 160x240 pixel LCD touch screen enables easy and intuitive stylus-based operation.

Special Features

Features of the ClassPad 300 Graphing Scientific Calculator include:
  • Pen Touch operation-Computer-like intuitive operations for menu selection, button operations, etc. Drag & Drop supports dragging of an input expression to a graph screen for instant graphing
  • CAS (Computer Algebra Systems)
  • Natural display input enables input of fractions, differentials, integrals, Sum calculations, lim calculations, and other expressions in the same format as that used in mathematics texts.
  • Function Conversion function
  • Algebra assistant
  • eActivity Application

  • Creation
  • Buttons for expression processing, text statements and eActivity function recall
  • Each teacher can create activities on his or her own calculator
  • Button for recalling user-created programs

  • Application & Classroom
  • Go-along-anywhere digital text book and digital handout functions
  • Allows tailoring of classroom materials to local needs
  • Contents installable using data communication
  • Presentation Application-Register application screen screen shots for playback in slide show format that is great for presenting eActivity results and other lessons. Includes Auto Play, Manual Play, and page editing functions
  • Geometric Graphing-Constraint Geometry (geometric functions for education) Geometric figure graphing (triangle, polygon, circle, etc.) Geometric figure analysis (angle, length) Animation
  • 3-Dimensional Graphing Trace, Zoom, Rotate
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