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The ClassPad Manager for ClassPad300/330 is software that provides a new way to learn about mathematics.

  • Computer Algebra System
  • Laplace Transforms/Fourier Transforms

  • Differential Equation Application

  • Financial Function
  • e-Activity function
    Enable Verify Function
  • Geometric Graphing

  • Spreadsheet Application

  • Data communication with ClassPad300/330

Professional Edition

Resizable window for easy text input and the ability to view long math expressions without scrolling.

eActivity copy and paste into a word processor for editing.

Includes OS update ver.3.0 for handheld

-Single License:FA-CP300A Ver.3.0 PLUS
-School License:FA-CP300B Ver.3.0 PLUS

Basic Edition

Fixed size window.

Includes OS update ver.3.0 for handheld.

-Single License:FA-CP300A Ver.3.0
-School License:FA-CP300B Ver.3.0

Minimum Desktop Computer Requirements:

  • Minimum required Intel® Pentium® III 500MHz with USB.
  • Windows® 98SE/Me or Windows® 2000/XP.
  • 100MB available for installation(disk space).
  • Recommended for 64MB memory (minimum 34MB), excluding memory required for Operating System.

Other Requirements:
• Internet Explorer® 4.01 or later.
• Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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