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Technical Specs

DM-1200MS Technical Specifications

  Digit 12
  Type Extra Big Display
  Special Title Display
  Function Command Signs Yes
  Independent Memory Yes
  Profit Margin % Yes
  Change Sign (+/-) Yes
  Tax Functions Yes
  Cost/Sell/Margin Yes
  Grand Total Yes
  Key Rollover Yes
  Plastic Keys Yes
  Round Off Yes
  Cut Off Yes
  Round Up No
  Decimal Selector Floating or fixed decimal 0,1,2,3,4
  ADD Mode Yes
  Solar Solar Plus w/ battery backup
  Auto Power Off Yes
Unit Dimensions
  Height (inches) 1-1/2”
  Width (inches) 6”
  Length (inches) 8”
  Weight oz 9.3 oz

Technical Specifications Subject to Change

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