ClassPad fx-CP400

At A Glance

The ClassPad 330 comes with all the functions of the ClassPad 300 including an impressive collection of applications that support self-study, like 3D Graphing, Geometry, eActivity for creating discovery based lessons and lots more. Additional features of the ClassPad 330 include upgraded CAS Technology and Geometry Application, new AP Statistics functionality, and three new applications: Differential Equation Graph, Financial and Probability.


Uses an intuitive pull-down menu interface that simplifies even complex operations. Solutions, expressions and other items can be selected with the tap of the stylus. Supports drag and drop within and between applications, copy and paste and other pen-based operations that help minimize key operations. Versatile graphing tools for 3D graphing and drawing of geometric figures, which provides plenty of support for the math studies of students.

eActivity Application

The eActivity application provides a simple way to create dynamic discovery based lessons for use in the classroom or on the web. Each eActivity document can contain text lines, math lines and as many other applications as you would like. With eActivity, it is easy to promote student understanding of mathematical concepts and problem solving processes. The possibilities are endless.

Financial Application
The Financial application is easy to use. It provides a simple way to calculate and explore many different financial calculations with help to understand abbreviations.

Statistics Wizard
Investigate statistical tests, confidence intervals and distributions quickly with the wizard.


Geometry Improved
Add attached angles, label figures, display measures and define expressions.  Graph polar and parametric curves, and draw conic sections using foci.

Great Features!  Verify The calculator that does not calculate
Sometimes we need a helping hand to understand algebra and even basic arithmetic. Verify will not provide the solution but it will assist the user in knowing whether or not their simplification is equivalent. Build confidence in students by providing a tool that will give immediate feedback. With confidence, test scores will increase.

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