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At A Glance

A compact, slim body (7/8” at its thickest point), a large, high contrast display with backlight and an easy-to-use icon menu. All the functionality of the FX9860G including USB connectivity (cable included), 1.5 MB flash memory and a natural display option allowing for input and viewing of equations exactly as they appear in the textbook. Also includes syntax help and an on-board function manual, eliminating the need to carry the instruction manual.


Stand out from the crowd. Personalize your FX-9860G Slim Graphing Calculator with a vinyl adhesive cover. This skin has been designed to perfectly fit the unique contour of the FX-9860G Slim. The cover can be applied easily and fast, and can be removed with little or no adhesive residue. Tthe vinyl skin provides a thin protective membrane, buffering your calculator cover from occasional scuffs and scrapes of every day use. Have fun with this great accessory.