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Technical Specs

4 Channels; 3 analog inputs ( CH 3 is I/O ), 1 ultra-sonic motiondetector input
Microphone and speaker built-in
3 Ports; External speaker port, External microphone port, 8bit digital I/O port
Periphery communication ports; 1 master port, 7 sub ports
Collect data at rates of up to 50,000 points per second for up to 120,000 points
Auto “ID Probe” can automatically recognize the type of probe connected
Capable of stand alone set-up; Increased functionality when the E-CON application is used with the Algebra FX 2.0 series and FX1.0 series graphing calculators
User Memory Size 3.0MB Flash ROM, 256KB RAM
12-bit sound output resolution
Compatible with the Casio FX-7400G Plus, CFX-9850G, CFX-9850GB Plus, Algebra FX2.0 series, and FX1.0 series
Real time graphing: 0.08 sec/plot
Sampling Speed 20 micro second
PC communication capability with RS-232C port (under development)
Available for long term data collecting (timer wake-up)
1 temperature probe, 1 light probe and 1 voltage probe included
Powered by 4 x AA batteries
Experiment workbook of classroom examples for math, physics, and chemistry included
Carrying and storage case for the Casio Data Analyzer and included probes
One year limited warranty
E-CON is the data collection software built into the FX1.0 Plus and an optional add-in application for the Algebra FX2.0
E-CON has a sampling set-up wizard
The EA-200 is compatible with up to 31 probes by using the current version of E-CON; see our website for a complete listing of compatible probes

Technical Specifications Subject to Change
New versions of E-CON will be on our website as they become available.

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