At A Glance

3.2 Mega-Pixel Exilim Digital Camera

Special Features

Lifeís too short to miss your shot.

You may have been there. The perfect moment is happening while youíre waiting for your digital camera to turn on, focus and determine itís automatic exposure settings. So the moment you capture is less than perfect.

Exilim has revolutionized point-and-shoot for the digital world, with a start up time that takes about 1 second!* You snap the shutter and your Exilim shoots in one hundredth of a second.** What perfection!

* Built-in flash turned off.
** Time from when the shutter release button is pressed until recording starts when the monitor screen and built-in flash are turned off.

Digital Zoom

Get right up close with the EX-S3's digital zoom. Imagine, speed, closeness, all in the palm of your hand, about the size of a credit card. You could ask for more but you really wouldn't need it.

What's the difference between Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom?

Optical zoom actually moves a physical lens to get closer to the subject. Digital zoom simply increases the size of the individual pixels to zoom in, which reduces clarity. Digital Zoom let's you get closer to image than optical zoom is able to, however, resolution of the image can be reduced.


What's so special about the EX-S3? Not only is it about the size of a credit card but also its magnesium alloy body makes it lighter than ever.

Now for a size comparison, pull out a credit card from your wallet or purse and hold it out in front of you. Youíve just had a near-Exilim experience; about the size of a credit card with the ability to capture incredible shots with ease. Into the details?

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