At A Glance

A sleek sturdy body with a casual feel, the EX-S8 offers 12.1 Megapixels and a 4X Zoom in a thin body measuring only 0.78”. Movies can be recorded by pressing the dedicated movie button. It also offers YouTube™ Capture Mode (upload and share videos). The EX-S8 is fresh and fashionable, making it your perfect everyday camera.


Special Features

Fun widescreen movie recording

Just by pressing the movie button, widescreen movies can be recorded with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The camera also offers YouTube™ Capture Mode, which records and saves movies at the ideal settings for uploading to YouTube™.

Customizable focusing frames and menu screens

As well as the rectangular focusing frame usually displayed on the LCD monitor, you can choose designs such as a heart or a butterfly for the frame design. When the camera is correctly focused, a beautiful heart can be displayed, and when correct focus is not achieved the heart pattern breaks up. This makes it easy to ensure correct focus, and it is fun, too.

Program the camera automatically for particular subject, scene, or lighting conditions

The S8 has 23 BEST SHOT Modes including two unique modes that activate the shutter when the subject enters or leaves the frame. If you want to capture an image of a hummingbird in this mode, you can focus on the flower. Then, when the hummingbird enters the frame, the shutter will fire automatically. Having up to 60 frames to choose from, you will have the exact image you want.


Put a better face on your images with automatic Face Detection technology. Our camera adjusts instantly for optimum focus and background even if your subject is backlit or in front of a patterned backdrop. Moving targets? No problem. The camera will capture kids and pets on the go in the sharpest detail.


4X Zoom combines with a CMOS Shift Stabilization for beautiful images even at high zoom factors where images are prone to blurring.

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