At A Glance

A 7.2 Megapixel CCD for superior high-resolution photo imaging, a 2.0-inch LCD screen in a small body digital camera.

Special Features

Select and Shoot Best Shot Scenes

A single screen shows 12 BEST SHOT sample scenes, which makes it easier to find the one you want more quickly.


This scene enters the macro mode automatically to bring out the details and color of the flowers.

BEST SHOT Scene 21

This scene turns on the flash and enhances flesh tones. The subject's facial features, which tend to be dark with backlighting, become bright and natural.

High Sensitivity
BEST SHOT Scene 23

This scene produces clear shots with a bright background, even when lighting is dim. It also prevents image blur due to hand or subject movement.

1 Portrait 12 Soft Flowing Water 23 High Sensitivity
2 Scenery 13 Splashing Water 24 Pastel*
3 Portrait With Scenery 14 Sundown 25 Illustration*
4 Children 15 Night Scene 26 Cross*
5 Sports 16 Night Scene Portrait 27 Monochrome
6 Candlelight Portrait 17 Fireworks 28 Retro
7 Party 18 Food 29 Twilight
8 Pet 19 Text 30 ID Photo*
9 Flower 20 Collection 31 Business Cards and Documents
10 Natural Green 21 Backlight
11 Autumn Leaves 22 Anti Shake 32 Whiteboard
*EX-Z120 only

Manual Settings Make Taking Pictures More Fun!

Aperture Adjustment
Aperture can be adjusted to blur the background or to bring everything into sharp focus and create exactly the image you have in mind. Settings are manual, so you maintain total control over your images.
* EX-Z110: F3.1 / F4.4(W), EX-Z120: F2.8 / F4.0(W)
Shutter Speed
Changing the shutter speed setting controls how movement appears in an image. You can use a slower speed so movement produces a blurred effect, or a faster shutter speed to freeze the movement of a drop of water or other moving subjects. There is even a bulb setting that keeps the shutter open as long as the shutter button is depressed.


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