At A Glance

The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z280 is a 12.1 effective megapixel digital camera boasting a wide-angle 26 mm 4X optical zoom lens in a stylish and slim compact body. It comes complete with Casio’s standard high-performance features, such as CCD-shift image stabilization mechanism and Face Detection function.  The easy Mode function helps new comers grasp camera settings by offering a simplified menu screen for seamless navigation.

At the heart of the new EX-Z280 is the EXILIM Engine 4.0, which delivers higher image quality and lower power consumption in an even more compact body.  The high-speed dedicated image processing CPU, in addition to an ordinary CPU, allows the camera to perform complex processing right on the camera.  An update to Casio’s Dynamic Photo feature now lets users add animated clip art to any picture without software and using only the camera.  These creations can be printed or output as an e-Greeting videos that can be emailed or posted on social networking sites.  Casio’s innovative function retains a prior function for cutting out moving people or objects as if from a Hollywood green screen, and placing them into other still backgrounds without the need of special software.

Special Features

  • easy Mode - Helps new comers become an expert with common settings - Using easy Mode, photo settings are restricted to just image size, flash on/off and self timer, and these are displayed on a simplified menu screen.
  • NEW Dynamic Photo e-Greeting Function - This innovative function has been updated with the ability to add a number of different animated graphics to still pictures in the camera; these creations can be easily viewed on the monitor or printed. The picture with its added animation can also be converted to movies that can be emailed or posted on social networks as e-greetings. The Dynamic Photo function still retains its original ability where a picture having a moving subject can be automatically cut-out as if from a Hollywood green screen, and added to another still background image in the camera. The newly created moving subject and still background image can be converted into a movie and shared, and all of this takes place in the camera without the need of special software.
  • Make-Up Mode - In addition to recognizing faces and adjusting focus and exposure accordingly, the camera can make adjustments to smooth skin in images and soften facial shadows caused by sunlight, creating beautiful photographs of people’s faces. The photographer can choose from one of twelve levels of skin beauty using different strengths of image processing, and can shoot after viewing the results in the LCD monitor.
  • Handheld Night Scene Function and Lighting Function - The camera can automatically detect difficult situations, such as night scenes where there would normally be camera shake, and backlit scenes where faces or backgrounds can be poorly exposed, and then make the most appropriate settings. All the user has to do is to press the shutter button to take great pictures.
  • High Resolution 720p HD Movies - The camera also features an HD Movie function. Just press the dedicated Movie button to take beautiful movies at 1280x720 pixels.
  • YouTube™ Capture Mode - Movies can be recorded and saved using the ideal size and quality settings for the world’s most popular video sharing site, YouTube™. Recorded movies can be easily uploaded to YouTube™ using the included computer software.
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