At A Glance

The EX-Z30 is a thin, stylish, 3.2 megapixel digital camera with 3X optical zoom and a battery life of 2.5 times longer than previous models.


High performance, easy-to-use, thin card size

  • High picture quality 3.2 megapixels
  • Thin card-size body incorporating 3X optical zoom lens
  • Large, easy-to-see 2.0 inch digital interface TFT LCD monitor (with acrylic scratch-resistant panel)
  • The Direct On function for one-touch recording or play modes
  • New, easy-to-hold grip with a high-quality light weight aluminum body
Long battery life on a single charge

Battery life between charges is becoming a major concern among digital camera users. The new EXILIM Super Life Battery now makes it possible to obtain 2.5 times* 1 more operation on a single charge. Charging the Super Life battery enables 360 images (three hours)*2 of continuous recording.

Quick response

  • The camera automatically switches to Auto Pan Focus when the shutter is pressed in one action
  • Rapid start-up time allows you to start taking pictures approximately 1.6 seconds (with the flash off) after turning on the power
  • Release time lag after pressing the shutter is approximately 0.01 seconds (with the flash off) after turning on the power
  • Second high-speed playback scrolling of photos
More convenient functions

  • Records movies with audio, limited only by the available memory
  • The 'Best Shot' mode provides sample images allowing you to take the photos you want
  • Noise reduction processing makes night scenes more beautiful
  • 7-point Multi-Auto Focus for automatic selection of the optimum focus point location
Features for fun

  • Includes a voice record function with playback from the camera's speaker
  • A 'Photostand' feature that lets you view a slide show of images with the camera on its cradle
  • A 'Calendar' feature that shows thumbnail images of photos on the day they were taken
  • World Time lets you select one of 162 cities in 32 time zones as your home or destination time
  • Store special photographs or photos you don't want others to see in the Favorites folder
  • Create HTML albums in the camera that can be viewed directly by web browsers
A high-performance CCD and advanced EXILIM Engine combine to record high-resolution images without the digital noise normally associated with CCDs.

A low-distortion, high-resolution, thin 3-segment 3X zoom lens helps you capture each fine detail and nuance of a subject. Optical zoom in combination with digital zoom provides total zooming capabilities up to 12X.

A REC mode power button lets you start recording in an instant. A PLAY mode power button puts you directly into the PLAY mode for image viewing. Other high-speed operations include 0.01-second*3 release time lag, 1.6-second*4 startup, and 1.4-second*4 interval between shots.

Auto Pan Focus makes it possible for you to capture exactly the moment you want. Pressing the shutter button all the way activates Auto Pan Focus, which performs a record operation without waiting for Auto Focus to be performed. Use Auto Focus for stationary or slow-moving subjects. Auto Pan Focus is best when you want to capture fast-moving subjects and subjects located where lighting is dim.

Other features

  • Connects directly to PictBridge and USB DIRECT-PRINT compliant printers
  • 9.7 MB built-in flash memory / SD memory card slot/ Multi Media card compliant (memory card not included)
  • Menu can be displayed in 10 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese
  • "Photo Loader" software is included to allow automatic transfer of images to a PC with one touch of the USB cradle button
  • Complies with ExifPrint (Exif 2.2) and "PRINT Image Matching II"
CIPA Standards
The Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA) defines various standards for measuring camera performance, including battery life. These standards help to standardize the battery life values reported in the catalogs and user documentation of different manufacturers, which helps users to better compare different products against each other.

CIPA Standard Battery Life Measurement Conditions
Normal temperature (23C); unused primary or fully charged secondary battery; monitor on; zoom operation between full wide and full telephoto every 30 seconds; during which two images are recorded with flash; power turned off and back on every time 10 images are recorded. Battery life is time it takes for the power supply to shut down for the first time as recording is repeated under the above conditions. As a general rule, factory default camera setup is used.

*1 Approximate; CASIO comparison with EX-Z4
*2 Approximate; CIPA standards (CASIO comparison)
*3 Approximate time from when the shutter release button is fully pressed from focus lock until the image starts to be recorded (monitor screen and flash off).
*4 Approximate; built-in flash off

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