At A Glance

The EX-Z57 is a thin, stylish, 5 Megapixel Digital Camera with 3X optical zoom and 2.7" LCD Screen. The 5.0 megapixel CCD ensures that your images are crisp and clear and like all Exilim Digital cameras, the EX-Z57 has a host of helpful menu options so you always get a great picture.

Special Features

23 BEST SHOT scenes for instant automatic camera setups
Simply select the sample scene that resembles the type of image you are trying to record and the camera sets up automatically with the applicable recording mode, Auto Focus setting, and more.

Business Shot
BEST SHOT Scene 22 and 23
These scenes are just the thing for recording images of a white board, business cards, and other business items. The camera automatically detects distortion in rectangular subjects and makes the necessary corrections before storing the image.

Enhanced flesh tones
Settings are configured to optimize human flesh tones, for beautiful portraits. You can also use zoom to blur the background, which enhances the foreground image.

Sharp infinity focus
This setup selects infinity focus and high saturation for crisp, clear scenery shots.

Macro mode
This setup selects the macro mode to capture the fine textures and colors of flowers. High color saturation also helps to make colors more vivid.

Night Scene with Portrait
BEST SHOT Scene 14
Auto Pan Focus
This setup selects the Pan Focus Mode, which helps to keep difficult night scenes in sharp focus. A noise reduction algorithm reduces digital noise for beautiful night scenes.

Other features
Flash Assist
This CASIO original image processing function makes it possible for the camera to correct brightness automatically when recording subjects that are too far for the flash to reach. It helps make images that normally might be blacked out brighter and clearer.

Auto Macro
The camera automatically switches to the appropriate focus mode when the shutter button is pressed. If the camera detects that the subject is in the range of 6cm to 50cm while the normal Auto Focus Mode is selected, it will automatically switch to the Macro Mode. This helps to keep images in focus, even if the camera setup is wrong.

Movie Mode
Recording of a movie with sound can continue as long as there is memory available. A built-in speaker lets you check the audio as soon as you record it. Other audio features include audio snapshot (with audio recorded at the same time as the image or added later), and a Voice Recorder feature.

7-point Multi AF for high-speed, high-precision focusing
7-point Multi AF means you never need to worry about focusing again. When you press the shutter button, the camera automatically selects one of seven focus points, based on which one is aligned with the nearest subject, and focuses on that point. This helps to avoid loss of foreground images, and minimizes the change of images being out of focus.

Macro Mode captures every nuance of intimate close-ups
The macro mode lets you move in on a subject (approximately 6cm to 50 cm) for intimate close-ups of everything from portraits to flowers, pets, food, and more. Zoom capabilities are also supported in the Marco Mode.

On screen grid simplifies image composition
You can turn on display of gridlines on the monitor screen. The grid helps to compose images and helps to ensure that you are holding the camera straight.

On-screen RGB histogram shows exposure at a glance
The RGB histogram lets you check exposure for each individual color, which supports fine adjustment of exposure to ensure you get exactly the color you want.

Exposure Adjustment
A histogram lopsided to the left indicates underexposure, while a rightward histogram indicates overexposure. A centered histogram indicates correct exposure.

Two-level adjustable screen brightness
You can select either of two different monitor screen brightness levels for easy viewing under different conditions. Increasing brightness under strong sunlight or other areas where lighting is bright makes the monitor screen much easier to view.

Icon Help
Icon Guide help messages appear on the monitor screen in the REC mode to explain the meanings of icons as you use them.


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