At A Glance

The EX-Z90 is a high-powered 12.1 megapixel camera with a stylish design that fits in your pocket, clutch or the palm of your hand. Equipped with Dynamic Photo and Intelligent AF, the EX-Z90 is ideal for taking fun pictures of your family and pets.

Special Features

    This innovative function allows you to add a number of different animated graphics to still pictures in the camera. These creations can be easily viewed on the monitor, printed or converted to a movie file. Additionally, the Dynamic Photo function retains its original ability to composite a moving subject and a new background as a Motion JPEG like a Hollywood green screen.
    Enhance Colors & Remove Mist

    The EX-Z90 features a Landscape Mode for capturing beautiful scenic photography. Unlike earlier landscape photography modes, which enhance the saturation of an entire hue, users can now select between the Vivid Landscape option that uses image analysis to determine and vividly enhance only the most important colors in the landscape or the Mist Removal option that makes weather-affected misty scenes look clear and bright.
    Easy Mode helps new comers become an expert with common settings - Using Easy Mode, photo settings are restricted to just image size, flash on/off and self timer, and these are displayed on a simplified menu screen.
    DVD-quality video

    The EX-Z90 lets you shoot beautiful 1280 x 720-pixel HD movies at a rate of 24 fps. After your video is recorded you can view it by connecting your camera directly to a TV for big screen viewing.
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