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Save on batteries with an extra AC Adapter. See Camera Models for compatibility.
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Technical Specs

Signal System: NTSC standard: QV-300 BFA/PAL standard: QV-300 CFA
Horizontal Resolution: Approximately 400 lines
Recording System: Digital (JPEG base)
Recording Medium: 32Mbit internal flash memory
Memory Capacity: FINE: 64 pages/NORMAL: 192 pages
Image Deletion: Single-page; all-page(individual pages can be protected against deletion)
Imaging Element: 1/4-inch CCD (360,000 pixels)
Computer Output Images: 640 x 480 (320 x 240) dots
Focusing: Dual focal point with macro position
Lens: F2.6/f=4.9mm (equivalent to 47mm lens on 35mm full-size camera)/f=11.0mm (equivalent to 106mm lens on 35mm full-size camera)
Aperture: Manual switching between F2.6 and F8
Focus Range: WIDE: f4.9mm f2.6/f8/NORMAL: 0.6m to (degrees)/0.3m to (degrees)/MACRO: 9cm to 11cm/7cm to 14cm/TELE: f11.0mm F2.6/f8/NORMAL: 3.4m to (degrees)/1.7m to (degrees)/MACRO: 52cm to 62cm/44cm to 77cm
Light Metering: TTL center point by CCD
Exposure: Aperture priority automatic exposure
Continuous Light Metering Range: EV + 5 to 18
Exposure Correction: -2EV to +2EV (1/4 EV Steps)
Shutter: CCD shutter
Shutter Speed: 1/8 to 1/4,000 second
White Balance: Automatic
Self-Timer: 10 seconds
Monitor/Viewfinder: 2.5"TFT, low-glare color LCD (61,380 pixels)
Input/Output Terminals: DIGITAL IN/OUT, VIDEO OUT, AC adaptor connector
Power Supply: Batteries (fore AA-size) or optional AC adaptor
Battery Life*: Approximately 130 minutes on alkaline Batteries; 220 minutes on lithium batterries/*Continuous operation
Dimensions (W)x(H)x(D): 162mm x 72mm x 49mm
Weight (excluding Batteries): Approximately 250g

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