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An instrument has been creafted that truly delivers the joy of playing the piano to anyone who has ever dreamed of learning to play.  Authentic tones, carefull sampled from a concert grand piano mate with an all-new Naturally Scaled Hammer Action to provide for a most realistic and satisfying musical experience.

Special Features

Special Features

Celviano AL-100R Special Features

The AL-100R comes with many special features that will bring musical enjoyment to your home and make learning easier.

  • Auto-Accompaniment
    With a choice of 100 accompaniment patters, you'll always find a background to suit your mood. Several of the patterns are piano-based, allowing you to sound like a pro utilizing as few as 2 fingers.
  • Accompaniment Mode
    Players of varying skills will enjoy the benefit of a choice of FULL RANGE, FINGERED, or CASIO CHORD modes.
  • One-Touch Preset
    With the touch of a button the right-hand instrument, tempo, effects, harmonies and more are all automatically selected, awaiting your performance.
  • Song Sequencer (17 Tracks)
    Record your performances, lessons, compositions, phrases and more for future playback. Store up to 10 songs in internal memory and an many more on floppy disk or external PC.
  • Large Backlit LCD (Musical Information System)
    Easy-to-read display panel shows current piano setup, fingerings, chords, dynamics, etc., providing a wealth of information about the keyboard's many functions.
  • Song Controller
    Just like the controls of a CD player, PLAY/PAUSE, STOP, REWIND and FAST-FORWARD provide you with control of the internal music library or MIDI file on floppy disk.
  • Music Library
    For practice or simply for your listening enjoyment, 80 tunes are provided. An accompanying song book is also dedicated.

Advanced Lesson System

Select the lesson that matches your skill level and play along with either Music Library tunes or those imported from a floppy disk, advancing at your own pace.

3-Step Lesson
This easy-to-follow feature can be used with any Arrangement or Lesson Part.

Step1... Master the timing of melody. Simply press any key and the correct melody will play. Step 1 allows you to first concentrate on the tune's timing before moving on to the next level.

Step 2... Play at your own pace. Melody play waits for you to press the correct key before continuing on. This allows you to practice playing the correct notes at your own pace.

Step 3... Play at the preset tempo. This is the step where you master real keyboard play. Now the keys light and the melody plays at normal speed without waiting. Take center stage with your virtuous piano performance.

Lesson Part Selection
Practice that which you need most - right hand, left hand or both as the "Lesson Part."


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