At A Glance

The AP-500 includes 88 Full-Size Weighted Scaled Hammer Action Keys, AIF Sound Source, 128-Note Polyphony, Touch Sensitive, 164 Tones, General MIDI, 74 built-in songs.

Main Features

  • Advanced Casio exclusive AIF sound chip
    AIF (Acoustic & Intelligent Filtering System) Sound Source
    Precision, large-volume sampling of waveform data combines with the latest in waveform processing technology to produce natural, amazingly realistic grand piano and other acoustic musical instrument sounds.
  • 128 polyphony
    Notes reverberate naturally without being cut off during high-speed passages and pieces that require intensive damper pedal operations. It also provides plenty of playability for four-hand duets as well.
  • Tri-element for piano tones
    Three separate samples of a grand piano are employed for strong, light, and medium keyboard pressure. The result is an amazing range of expression for a digital piano.
  • Acoustic resonance
    An acoustic resonance system reproduces the resonant effect of a grand piano damper pedal for more realistic piano performances
  • 2-way speaker system
    4-speaker 2-way sound system for crear, rich, powerful output
  • Powerful 30W + 30W amp
  • LED display
  • SMF tunes are easily extended by USB / SD card
    You can store up to 10 songs you have downloaded with your computer as songs 61 through 70 of the Music Library and practice along with them as they play, just as you do with the built-in songs. You also can use the CASIO SMF conversion software (SMF Converter) to convert SMF data files you have purchased or created, and transfer them to the digital piano’s Music Library.
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