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The LK-100 includes 61 Full-Size Illuminated keys, 12 note polyphony, 100 tones, 50 rhythms, 100 tunes, LCD display, dual speakers, 3-step lesson system, microphone jack with volume control for sing along, MIDI, auto-accompaniment.

Technical Specs

LK-100 Technical Specifications
Keyboard 61 Standard-size keys, 5 octaves
Key Light System Can be turned on and off (up to 4 keys can be lit at the same time)
Tones 100 presets
Polyphony 12 notes maximum
Lesson System 3 Step Lesson System
Playback 1 tune repeat playback
Voice Fingering Guide On/Off
Auto Accompaniment Rhythm Patterns 50
Tempo Adjustable, (216 steps, notes = 40 to 255), initial value, 120
Chords Two systems; CASIO CHORD, FINGERED
Other Fill-in pattern, synchro start
Song Bank Tunes 100 tunes
Musical Information Function Tones, Auto Accompaniment, Song Bank numbers and names, tempo; 3 step lesson display, chord name, fingering, timing indicator, key lighting, voice fingering
Other Functions Transpose 100
Tuning Adjustable A4 = approximately 440Hz +/-50Cents, Initial value: A4 = Approximately 440Hz
MIDI 5 multi-timbre receive
Speakers 10 cm diameter x 2 (Output: 2W + 2W)
I/O Terminals MIDI Terminals IN, OUT
Sustain Standard jack
Power Supply DC 9V jack
Headphones/Output Stereo standard jack (Output is monoaural.)
Output Impedance: 78ohms
Output Voltage: 4.5V (RMS) MAX
Microphone In Standard jack (with microphone volume knob)
Input impedance: 2K ohms
Input sensitivity: 10mV
Staff 5 Octaves with Sharp and Flat Indications, Pedal Symbol, Octave Symbol
Keyboard 5 Octaves
Power Supply 2-way
Batteries 6 AA-size batteries
Battery Life Approximately 4 hours continuous operation on alkaline batteries
Approximately 1 hour continuous operation on manganese batteries
AC Adaptor AD-5 (Optional)
Auto Power Off Turns power off approximately 6 minutes after last key operation. Enabled under battery power only, can be disabled manually
Power Consumption 9V...7.7W
Dimensions 37 1/4 x 14 11/16 x 5 5/16 inch (94.5 x 37.3 x 13.5cm)
Weight Approximately10.4 lbs (4.7kg) (without batteries)

*Technical Specifications Subject to Change

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