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Technical Specs

  • 61 Full-size illuminated keys - they light up as you play, or to guide you through the melody of a pre-programmed song
  • 12-note polyphonic
  • 100 PCM tones
  • 50 rhythm patterns
  • CASIO CHORD and Fingered Chord auto-accompaniment
  • 100 songs to suit a wide range of skills, from songs with auto-accompaniment to two-hand piano arrangements
  • 3-Step Teaching System:
  • Use ONE-KEY PLAY buttons instead of keys to advance the melody notes
  • keys light up to teach you the correct notes
  • Try playing along on the lighted keys at your own pace - accompaniment will wait for you
  • Play the melody in time along with complete rhythmic accompaniment
  • Transpose and Tuning control 
  • 3-digit LED display
  • 2 Built-in speakers; lineout/headphone jack
  • Operates on AA batteries or optional AD-5 AC adaptor

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