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At A Glance

The LK-90TV can be connected to the TV set with a video cable. The valuations of the learning system appear directly on screen - and the song texts of the sing-along function run in real time on the focusing screen: for your own Karaoke party! Other hits of the LK-90TV include a USB interface, HL dual-element sound chip, general MIDI, 264 timbres - and so much more.

Special Features

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Discover Karaoke fun: Switch on the sing-along function, connect keyboard to TV - and sing along!
TV connection
Whether Karaoke or motivated learning: The TV connection helps you to enjoy the keyboard on all channels.
Lighting Guide System
Now it's your turn: The illuminated keys of the LK-90TV are your guide to many new songs. Learning can be so much fun!
100 recorded songs are available, 65 can also be used for the sing-along function.
Sing-Along Function
The party trend: 65 songs are already installed to sing along, additional classics can be loaded.
264 Timbres
The extensive repertoire includes 128 tones, 128 general MIDI timbres and 8 drum sets.
The innovative storage medium to play, replay or sing along.
General MIDI
This advanced development of the MIDI interface standardizes music data and simplifies its exchange.
Learning System
With this 3-step, interactive system you attain your learning objective. Step by step, it grades your progress.