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The PX-400R combines beautiful tone and first-rate piano touch with Auto Accompaniment and a host of other useful features and functions.  It is the perfect choice for everything ranging from home use to professional applications.

Technical Specs

PX-400 Technical Specifications
Keyboard 88 Piano Keys (with Touch Response)
Polyphony 32 Notes, maximum
Tones 120 Panel Tones + 128 GM Tones + 10 Drum Sets; with Layer and Split
Digital Effects Reverb (4 Types), Chorus (4 Types)
Metronome Time Signatures 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Tempo Range 20 to 255
Auto Accompaniment Number of Rhythms 120
Temp Range 20 to 255
Modes Normal, Casio Chord, Fingered, Full Range Chord
Accompaniment Volume Adjustable
One Touch Presets Optimal Tone, Tempo, Layer/Auto Harmonize On/Off Settings to Match Rhythm
Auto Harmonize 12 Types; Adds Harmony Notes to Melody in Accordance with Auto Accompaniment Chord Fingerings
Built-in Tunes Number of Tunes Piano Group 50 + Song Group 30 + 10 Loaded Song Data (Approximately 132 kilobytes)
Tempo 20 to 255
Demo Sequential Looping of all 80 Preset Tunes
Song Volume Adjustable
Lesson Function Lesson Part Left hand, Right hand
Song Memory Number of Songs Two (1 Song Recording, 1 Free Recording)
Recorded Data Song Recording: Right-hand Part, Left-hand Part, Both-hands Parts
Free Recording: Track 1 (Chord Accompaniment), Track 2 (Melody)
Recording Method Real-time
Memory Capacity Approximately 5,300 Notes (Two Songs)
Registration Memory Number of Memory Areas 16 (4 Sets x 4 Banks)
Pedals Damper, Soft/Sostenuto (Selectable)
Card Slot 3.3V SmartMedia™
Other Functions Touch 3 Types, Off
Transpose 1 Octave (F# to C to F)
Tuning A4 = 440.0Hz +/-50 cents (Adjustable)
Pitch Bend Range Adjustable (12 Semitones Upwards and Downwards)
Display Contrast Adjustable
MIDI 16 Multi-timbre receive, GM Level 1 Standard
Input/Output Headphones Stereo Standard Jacks x 2
Output Impedance: 170 ohm
Output Voltage: 1.1V (RMS) MAX
Pedal Standard Jacks x 2
Line Out (R)(L/Mono) Standard Jacks x 2
Output Impedance: 2.3 ohm
Output Voltage: 1.0V (RMS) MAX
MIC IN Standard Jack
Input Impedance: 3.3 ohm
Input Voltage: 10mV
Power 12V DC
USB port
Speakers (16cm x 8cm) x 2 + 5cm x 2 Output: 8.0W + 8.0W
Power Supply AC Adaptor (AD-12)
Power Consumption 12V - 18W
Dimensions 52 14/16 x 13 12/16 x 6 3/16 inch (134.2 x 34.9 x 15.7 cm)
Weight Approximately 37.5 lbs (17.0 kg )

*Design and Technical Specifications Subject to Change

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