At A Glance

The PX-575 includes 88 Full-Size Weighted Scaled Hammer Action Keys, 32-Note Polyphony, Touch Sensitive, 670 preset Tones, 182 preset Rhythms, General MIDI, SD Card slot, Pitch Wheel, Acoustic resonance/DSP/Reverb/Chorus/EQ, Mixer, Drawbar organ function and synthesizer function, SMF Player, and Microphone jack.

Special Features

Synthesizer Mode

Edit built-in sounds to produce your own original creations. Up to 120 of your own sounds can be stored in memory for recall, just like the built-in tones.

General MIDI compatibility

The General MIDI tones of this keyboard let you connect to a personal computer to enjoy "desktop music" capabilities. This keyboard can be used as a desktop music input device or sound source, and it's just the thing for playback of commercially available pre-recorded General MIDI music software.

USB Port

A USB port provides quick and easy connection to a computer.*
*Note that you will need a commercially available USB cable (A-B type) to connect to a computer using the USB port.

Registration Memory

Digital piano setups can be stored in memory for later recall and instant settings whenever you need them. Up to 32 setups (4 setups x 8 banks) can be stored in registration memory.

SD Memory Card Slot

A built-in SD memory card slot helps to simplify transfer of data from a computer and lets you store volumes of data for later recall when you need it. You can also load a card with a standard MIDI file (SMF) and play it back on the digital piano.
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