At A Glance

The PX-800 includes 88 Full-Size Weighted Scaled Hammer Action Keys, Triple Element AIF Sound Source with filter, 128-Note Polyphony, Touch Sensitive, New Bass Reflex Sound System, Acoustic Resonance System, SD Card Slot, 2 speakers and custom wood stand included.

Special Features

New Advanced AIF stereo sampled
Tri-element sound source
128 note polyphony Notes reverberate
naturally without being cut off during high-speed
passages and performances that require intensive
damper pedal operations.

New Advanced Filter
Notes change and decay naturally with the realism
of an acoustic piano.

New touch-response sensitive system
The sound source responds to how much pressure is
applied to the keyboard, providing you with the means
to shape and color your performances with everything
from booming fortissimos to delicate pianissimos.

Powerful class audio system
2 way powerful 40W speaker system
(20W + 20W)

New features
SD card slot
Expanded song memory

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