Technical Specs

CPU NEC VR4131, 166MHz, 280 MIPS (64 bit CPU)
DISPLAY 3.2 inch, 320x240 pixel, 32,768 color STN
MEMORY ROM 16MB (Flash Rom*)
OS   Windows CE 3.0
I/O SERIAL PORT (USB Client Support)
CARD SLOTS Compact Flash Type II
  Stereo earphone jack DC jack
POWER    Li-ion rechargeable battery 
BATTERY LIFE   Approximately 1 week of use (based on normal usage)
DIMENSIONS   Approximately 121x76x17.9 mm
WEIGHT   167 g (without Flip cover)
  Is used for system or pre-installed applications
  Is User area

* Program Memory (RAM)-Totals 16 MB

Each memory size is a rough estimate

NK.bin 5 Mbytes  
System Work 2 Mbytes 8MBytes = 100% Program Memory
Basic Program and Module 2 Mbytes
WORK for user applications 4 Mbytes
Temporary Files 2 Mbytes  
Other 1 Mbytes  

RAM Total 16 Mbytes

Application and user data storage (Flash ROM)
Each memory size is a rough estimate.

System Core Software 4Mbytes 12MBytes = 100% Application and User Storage
Embedded/Installed Applications 3-4Mbytes
User Data/User File *2

RAM Total 16 Mbytes

*1: PIM application, Internet Explorer and other preinstalled applications
*2: User Area for user data and user applications

Flash ROM allowed your data preserved even if the battery runsdown.
Included: Stylus, AC Adaptor, USB Cradle, Flip Cover, CD-Rom

**All information is subject to change without notice.

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