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At A Glance

Windows CE Pocket Manager with 16MB of RAM and Type II Compact Flash.

Technical Specs

CPU NEC VR4131, 166MHz, 280 MIPS (64 bit CPU)
DISPLAY 3.2 inch, 320x240 pixel, 32,768 color STN
MEMORY ROM 16MB (Flash Rom*)
OS   Windows CE 3.0
I/O SERIAL PORT (USB Client Support)
CARD SLOTS Compact Flash Type II
  Stereo earphone jack DC jack
POWER    Li-ion rechargeable battery 
BATTERY LIFE   Approximately 1 week of use (based on normal usage)
DIMENSIONS   Approximately 121x76x17.9 mm
WEIGHT   167 g (without Flip cover)
  Is used for system or pre-installed applications
  Is User area

* Program Memory (RAM)-Totals 16 MB

Each memory size is a rough estimate

NK.bin 5 Mbytes  
System Work 2 Mbytes 8MBytes = 100% Program Memory
Basic Program and Module 2 Mbytes
WORK for user applications 4 Mbytes
Temporary Files 2 Mbytes  
Other 1 Mbytes  

RAM Total 16 Mbytes

Application and user data storage (Flash ROM)
Each memory size is a rough estimate.

System Core Software 4Mbytes 12MBytes = 100% Application and User Storage
Embedded/Installed Applications 3-4Mbytes
User Data/User File *2

RAM Total 16 Mbytes

*1: PIM application, Internet Explorer and other preinstalled applications
*2: User Area for user data and user applications

Flash ROM allowed your data preserved even if the battery runsdown.
Included: Stylus, AC Adaptor, USB Cradle, Flip Cover, CD-Rom

**All information is subject to change without notice.