Technical Specs

Processor Intel Strong Arm 1110 206MHz
OS Pocket PC 2002
RAM 32MB Flash ROM--64MB RAM
Processor Cache 16KB
Data Cache 8KB
Display Reflective TFT color LCD
65,536 colors 
Screen Size Diag: 3.5 inch Screen
Resolution: 240 x 320
Dot Pitch: .22mm
Battery Life Up to 12 hours. Extended time with Optional Combination PC Card Adapter/Auxiliary Power Unit
Card Slots SD/MMC slot
CF card slot (TYPE II)
Optional Combination PC Card Adapter/Auxiliary
Power Unit (via 32pin) includes rechargeable battery
Wireless Communication -Optional CF Card Wireless Modem
-Optional PC Card Wireless Modem (Requires Optional Combination PC Card Adapter/Auxiliary Power Unit)
-Optional Cable to Cell Phone Adapter (available for select phones)
Interfaces Serial RS232C
USB Client (via cradle of cable)
USB Host (via cradle)
Infrared IrDA Ver1.2
IrDa Speed: 115kbps
Audio Stereo headphone jack
Built-in Speaker
Built-in Microphone
Power Li-ion rechargeable replaceable battery (950 mAh)
Backup Battery Type: CR-2032
Approximate Size 5 1/8"(L) x 3 3/16"(W) x 11/16"(H)
Weight Approximately 190g/6.7oz.

Included: E-200, Stylus, Softcase, Main Battery,Backup Battery, AC Adaptor with AC cable, USB Cradle, CASIO CD-ROM, MS CD-ROM, QS Guide, EULA Card,CD ReadME, Registration/Warranty Card, Tourist Warrant Card, Accessory Form, PCMagazine Insert

Specifications subject to change without notice

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