Technical Specs

EM-500 Technical Specifications

CPU   NEC VR4122 (150MHz)
OS   Microsoft® Windows® for Pocket PC 3.0
Memory ROM 16MB
  RAM 16MB
Display LCD 240x320 dots, Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT color liquid crystal, 65,536-color, touch-panel display
Interfaces Serial Port RS-232C
  USB (Client)
  Card Slot MMC Card
  Infrared IrDA 1.2, communications distance: within 20cm; communications speed: 115.2 kbps maximum
Sound Input Internal microphone (mono)
  Output Internal speaker (mono), headphone jack (stereo)
Power Source Main Battery Special Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (charge time: approximately 4.5 hours)/included AC adapter
  Backup Battery CR2032x1
Battery Life Main Battery Approximately 7 hours (when repeatedly operated 1 min. and displayed 10 min.)
  Backup Battery Approximately 5 years (when main battery is recharged soon after charge warning message)
Operating Temperature   0-40°C
Size and Weight   81.8 (W) x 128 (L) x 18.9 (H) mm/approximately 218g (including battery)

This product supports MultiMediaCards only. Though the User’s Guide and other user documentation and files say that CompactFlash cards are supported, this product does not support CompactFlash type Ethernet LAN cards, modem cards, etc.

Also note that specifications, peripherals, and other items can change suddenly to meet market needs. Such changes can cause user documentation contents to become inaccurate.

Tech Specs Subject to Change

Compatibility of future products with past or current products can not be assured.

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