Technical Specs

Display: 240 x 320, Bright Back-lit, FSTN liquid crystal, 4-scale monotone
CPU: VR4111
Memory:  4MB RAM, 8MB ROM
Built-in:  CompactFlash Slot 
Earphone Jack
Flashing Alarm Indicator 
Interface: Serial: RS232C, IrDA 1.0 (115.2bps max.)
Power: Two (2) AAA Alkaline (Approximately 25 Hours) Shortened by use of CompactFlash card, modem and Backlight
Back up:  Lithium CR2016 (Approximately 5 years) Optional AC Adapter (AD-C50200) 
Dimensions: Height: 3/4" x Width 3 1/4" x Depth 4 7/8"
Weight: 6.5oz

System Requirements

  • Operating System Requirements Windows 95 (US) or Windows
  • NT Workstation 4.0
  • Processor Requirements 486/33DX or higher, Pentium 90 recommended for Windows 95, Pentium recommended for Windows NT
  • RAM Requirements 16MB for Windows NT (32 MB recommended) 8MB for Windows 95 (12MB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Requirements 10MB to 50MB
  • Communication Port Available 9 pin or 25 pin with adapter
  • CD ROM Drive
  • VGA Graphic card Super VGA 256 color recommended 
  • Keyboard with mouse 

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