Technical Specs

Technical Specifications of the Cassiopeia E-105
Display240 x 320, Bright Back-lit, TFT liquid crystal, 65,536 color monotone
CPU131 MHz 
InterfaceSerial: RS232C, IrDA 1.0 (115.2bps max.) 
Memory32MB RAM, 16MB ROM
  • Type I/II (3.3V) CompactFlash Slot 
  • Microphone 
  • Speaker 
  • Stereo Earphone Jack 
  • Flashing Alarm Indicator 
  • Power - JK210LT Li-ion battery (Approximately 6 Hours) Shortened by use of CompactFlash card, modem and Backlight 
  • Back-up Lithium CR2032 (Approximately 5 years) 
  • AC Adapter AD-C50200U for direct power and recharge of Li-ion battery 
  • Action Control Wheel for one-handed data access 
  • Direct Connectivity: Use the included Serial Port Cradle for synchronization with your PC of e-mail, files, internet channels, contacts, calendar, and notes 

Optional Accessories (Sold Separately):

  • LAN Connectivity (Sold Separately): Use the Socket Communications Low Power Ethernet CF+ Card or Xircom CompactCard Ethernt 10 to synchronize with your PC, dowload e-mail from your ISP, or surf the Internet (Requires proper network configuration). 
  • Phone Line Connectivity (Sold Separately): Use the Casio CompactFlash 56k Modem (Optional) to synchronize with your PC, download e-mail from your ISP or AOL, or surf the Internet. 
  • Wireless Connectivity (Sold Separately): Use the Socket Communications CompactFlash Digital Phone Card (Sold Separately), Xircom CopactCard GSM (Sold Separately), or  Casio Serial Digital Phone Connector Cables (Sold Separately, Coming Soon!) to connect to your digital wireless phone and synchronize with your PC, download e-mail from your ISP or AOL, or surf the Internet. 
Weight 9.0 oz.
SizeHeight .78" x Width 3.26" x Depth 5.11"

System Requirements 
  • Operating System Requirements Windows 95/98 (US) or Windows NT Workstation 4.0 
  • Processor Requirements 486/33DX or higher, Pentium 90 recommended for Windows 95, Pentium recommended for Windows NT 
  • RAM Requirements 16MB for Windows NT (32 MB recommended) 16MB for Windows 95 
  • Hard Disk Requirements 10MB to 50MB 
  • Communication Port Available 9 pin or 25 pin with adapter 
  • CD ROM Drive 
  • VGA Graphic card Super VGA 256 color recommended 
  • Keyboard with mouse 

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