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At A Glance

Pocket PC 2002 with Strong Arm 206 Processor 64MB of memory with CF and SD slots for unmatched expansion.

Technical Specs

Processor Intel Strong Arm 1110 206MHz
OS Pocket PC 2002
RAM 32MB Flash ROM--64MB RAM
Processor Cache 16KB
Data Cache 8KB
Display Reflective TFT color LCD
65,536 colors 
Screen Size Diag: 3.5 inch Screen
Resolution: 240 x 320
Dot Pitch: .22mm
Battery Life Up to 12 hours. Extended time with Optional Combination PC Card Adapter/Auxiliary Power Unit
Card Slots SD/MMC slot
CF card slot (TYPE II)
Optional Combination PC Card Adapter/Auxiliary
Power Unit (via 32pin) includes rechargeable battery
Wireless Communication -Optional CF Card Wireless Modem
-Optional PC Card Wireless Modem (Requires Optional Combination PC Card Adapter/Auxiliary Power Unit)
-Optional Cable to Cell Phone Adapter (available for select phones)
Interfaces Serial RS232C
USB Client (via cradle of cable)
USB Host (via cradle)
Infrared IrDA Ver1.2
IrDa Speed: 115kbps
Audio Stereo headphone jack
Built-in Speaker
Built-in Microphone
Power Li-ion rechargeable replaceable battery (950 mAh)
Backup Battery Type: CR-2032
Approximate Size 5 1/8"(L) x 3 3/16"(W) x 11/16"(H)
Weight Approximately 190g/6.7oz.

Included: E-200, Stylus, Softcase, Main Battery,Backup Battery, AC Adaptor with AC cable, USB Cradle, CASIO CD-ROM, MS CD-ROM, QS Guide, EULA Card,CD ReadME, Registration/Warranty Card, Tourist Warrant Card, Accessory Form, PCMagazine Insert

Specifications subject to change without notice