Bundled Software includes:
  • The PV Operating System developed by Casio 
  • 2 Calculators-Regular calculating mode plus scientific calculator  
  • 12 Games-Pocket Chess, Diamond, Floor Spread, Poker, Black Jack, etc. 
  • 9 Utilities-PV Number Convert – binary, octal, decimal and hex; Metronome – mark time by means of regularly recurring ticks or flashes at adjustable intervals; PV Clock, PV Exchange for rate conversion of currency, PV Shopper for a check off list for projects and materials.  Pocket Viewer Timer, time, stop watch and count down timer, Tip Calculator, WORLD CITY for world time plus 
  • 7 Refernece Contents-Denomination code for linear measure, square measure, cubic measure, etc.; National Code, Piano Chords

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