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Capture documents, photos and objects as JPEGS and add them into your Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations.  Anytime. Anywhere.


Casio Projector :: YC-400

Capture a complete whiteboard with all additions and notes and immediately display it or store instantly Capture panel images such as flip chart pagesand posters. Auto square firmware automatically corrects miscued originals. All the images, scans and data can be stored in your PC or distributed via email.

When you integrate the YC-400 into your presentation system, you're getting more than a camera. You're benefiting from the power of the integrated scanning system to turn documents into jpegs, and the ability to shoot crisp photos and drag them into PowerPoint. Most important, you're gaining the confidence that comes with being totally prepared-and the peace of mind that accompanies Casio presentation systems.

Amazingly Compact and Easy to Use

  • YC-400 Document Copy Stand & 4-Megapixel Digital Camera
    The new YC-400 Document Copy Stand & Digital Camera plays an important role in maximizing the range of applications for the XJ-360 and XJ-560 projectors that complete the total picture. Equipped with a high-resolution 4-Megapixel CCD*, and an automatic adjustment feature that automatically corrects the positioning between the camera and subject so that it appears squarely on the screen, the YC-400 is much more than simply a document camera. In addition to printed documents, this camera can be used for instantly projecting images on, and of white board contents, 3-dimensional objects, as a high resolution one-click digital scanner, and as a fully functioning, stand-alone digital camera.

  • CCD (Charged-Couple Device)
    The Casio CCD is a solid-state silicon chip that contains millions of photosensitive diodes called photosites. The instant the YC-400 camera shutter opens, each photosite records the intensity or brightness of the light that falls on it by accumulating a charge; the more light, the higher the charge. The brightness recorded by each photosite is then stored as a set of numbers that set the color and brightness of dots on the screen or ink on the printed page to reconstruct the image. The Casio CCD is very unique and produces consistent and superior images on screen in natural light, and on paper reproduction.

    Photographic subjects captured by the CCD as PC screens can be saved for future reference. Users can take advantage of this function to compose and record handwritten information added to images projected on a whiteboard during a meeting, for example, and save the images as visual minutes. The meeting can then be resumed smoothly at a later date.

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