8-Digit Display
8-Digit Calculator (16-digit approximations)
Large easy-to-read
Large easy-to-read “Big Display”
Solar Plus
Solar Plus with battery backup
Constants for +, -, x, /
Constants for +, -, x, /
Independent memory
Independent memory
Profit Margin
Profit margin %
+/-, square root
+/-, square root

At a glance

Solar Plus Power, independent memory, and a profit-margin percent function make this calculator a perfect choice for business and home use.


SL-300V Specifications
Digits 8
Type Big Display
Special None
Independent Memory
Profit Margin
Square Root Key
Change Sign (+/-)
Constants for +, - , x, /
Power Source Solar Plus w/battery backup
Auto Power Off
Battery LR54 (LR1130)
Size (inches HxWxL) 9/32" x 2-3/4" x 4-5/8"
Weight oz/lbs 6.0 oz

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