4.8 lines per second
4.8 lines per second
XL 12 Digit Display
XL 12 Digit Display
2 color printing
2 color printing

At a glance

This heavy duty calculator prints 4.8 lines per second, has a Extra Large Display, 2-Color printing and Cost/Sell/Margin calculation function and Clock & Calendar function. Double Injection Key.

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DR-270TM Technical Specifications
Digits 12
Type Digitron
Special Extra LargeDisplay
Speed - lines/second 4.8
Print Color 2 Black/Red
Type Ribbon
Ink Ribbon RB-02
Decimal Selector Floating or fixed decimal 0,1,2,3,4,6
Item Counter
Independent Memory
Printing Reference Number
Tax Calculation
Automatic Constants
Independent Add Register
Grand Total
Right Shift Key
Round Off
Round Up
Cut Off
ADD Mode
2-1/4 inch plain
Type AC
Size (inches)  H x W x L 4-3/10" x 8-2/5" x 15"
Weight oz/lbs 3.7lbs

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