fx-Manager PLUS (School)

fx-Manager PLUS (School)


fx-Manager PLUS (School)

Emulator Software
Key-log and Screen Capture Function
Screen Saver Function

At a glance

Our affordable graphing solution comes with robust software packed with all the functionality of the fx-9750GII & fx-9860II! This powerful teaching tool goes beyond emulation and allows users to record key strokes, screen capture and screen receive.
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Special Features

Emulating fx-9860G Calculator Operation

  • The emulator makes it possible to mimic fx-9860G calculator operation using your computers mouse and keyboard.

Key-Log Editor

  • Enable to record emulator key operations
  • Key-Log auto play of a recorded key
  • Step playback

Capturing the Emulator LCD Screen Image

Enable to capture an image of the emulator LCD screen and save it as either of the following file formats.

  • Monochrome bitmap format
  • JPEG format

Screen Receiver Function

Enable to display the calculator screen image on your computer when you connect your calculator to your computer with the USB cable.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

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