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Repair & Service

Buy Parts

For end-users looking to purchase Casio watch bands and watch parts, please contact one of our Parts Distributors* below:
West Coast
PacParts, Inc.
15024 Staff Court, Gardena, CA 90248
email: orders@pacparts.com

Tel: 310-515-0207 1-800-421-5080

East Coast
American Perfit
1100 River Street, Ridgefield, NJ 07657
email: info@americanperfit.com

1-800-345-0537 or 201-941-0082 or 212-246-8292
Fax: 201-941-0083

Casio Parts Department: 1-800-223-2001

Service Bulletin for Casio Watches:*

The spare parts including bezels and dials of some Casio watch models (click here for complete listing) will no longer be sold directly to our customers. Option #1 if you have one of these models and it requires service, please contact Casio Support at 1-800-706-2534 Option #2 and we will provide you with a shipping label to ship your watch to Casio Factory Service Center to be repaired. Please note that repair of your products is subject to Casio’s Limited Timepiece Warranty Policy.

*This information may be subject to change without prior notice.